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Why It’s Never Too Late for Adult Braces

Do you ever feel self-conscious about crooked, crowded teeth? Call our office today!

Do you ever feel self-conscious about crooked, crowded teeth? Has an uneven bite worn away the enamel on the chewing surfaces of your teeth or caused discomfort? If so, you may be a candidate for adult braces.

Most people view the average orthodontic patient as being a child or teenager. But the truth is that more adults are turning to orthodontics to get the smiles they’ve always wanted.

Braces can help you enjoy better dental health and an attractive smile.

Here’s why it’s never too late to get braces as an adult.

Braces Improve Your Dental Health

Crooked, crowded teeth make it difficult to brush and floss. As a result, you may experience more tooth decay and gum disease as an adult.

The good news is that we can straighten your smile through orthodontic treatment. Once your teeth are straight, it’ll become much easier to practice good oral hygiene at home.

Adults Experience More Motivation

The prefrontal cortex is the part of your brain that helps you stick with goals and plan ahead for the future. It’s also the last part of your brain to stop developing, around age 25.

As a result, it’s difficult for children to understand how their actions connect to a larger goal. They may not understand how the temporary pain of braces can lead to an attractive smile. This causes children to not feel as much motivation during orthodontic treatment.

Adults know all too well that people can make snap decisions about them based on their smiles. Their smiles may even affect their job and dating prospects as they move through life.

It’s much easier to create a good first impression when you have a beautiful smile.

Adults are also more motivated because they’re paying for their own orthodontic treatment. This is a tremendous financial incentive to follow their orthodontist’s instructions. That way, they can complete their treatment as soon as possible.

For example, adult patients are more likely to wear their clear aligners 20 to 22 hours a day. This allows them to move through their treatment plan without self-inflicted delays.

Adults Follow Instructions From Their Orthodontists

It’s important that you follow any instructions from your orthodontist. For example, you’ll need to brush after eating so you don’t stain your clear aligners.

If you choose traditional metal braces, you’ll need to avoid foods that are sticky and/or hard to chew. Otherwise, you’ll risk damaging your metal wires and brackets.

Children may try to sneak contraband food. But adults are more likely to follow the rules so they can avoid an emergency trip to the orthodontist.

Adults Take Better Care of Their Teeth

If you choose metal braces, you’ll need to continue practicing good oral hygiene at home. This means brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day.

Children may feel the temptation to stop flossing. This is because it’s a hassle to thread the floss between each individual bracket. But this increases their risk of stains, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Adults are more likely to maintain their oral hygiene routine. That’s because they understand the importance of a healthy smile.

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Our orthodontists in Caledonia, MI, would be more than happy to help you achieve your smile goals! To request a consultation, call Hannapel Pellillo Orthodontics at (616) 891-7272.


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