Does My Child Need Braces?

Does My Child Need Braces Caledonia Mi

Does your child have crooked or crowded teeth? Do they sometimes bite the insides of their cheeks or experience jaw pain? If so, we recommend scheduling an appointment for your child with one of our orthodontists in Caledonia, MI.

Our doctors offer Phase 1 Treatment, as well as comprehensive traditional braces for your child. Their ultimate goal is to help every patient smile with confidence. Continue reading to learn the signs you should schedule an appointment for your child to see one of our orthodontists.

Crooked & Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth affect your child’s oral health, as well as the appearance of their smile. Metal braces work by exerting enough pressure on teeth to move them into optimal alignment. As your child’s treatment progresses, you’ll notice their teeth start to move. Crooked teeth will start to straighten out and go to their proper positions.

Fixing a crooked smile will also help your child practice good oral health. It’s much easier to brush and floss teeth when they don’t overlap.


It’s normal for the front upper teeth to extend a little over the front lower teeth. Yet, too much of a gap could mean that your child has an overbite. Your child may also have an overbite if they have a receding chin. The only way to know for sure is to schedule an appointment for your child to see one of our orthodontists.

Since protruding front teeth have less protection in the mouth, your child is more likely to chip or crack them. Having a pronounced overbite can also make it difficult for your child to make certain sounds with the tip of their tongue, such as “s” or “th.” Thankfully, our orthodontists will be able to use dental braces and other oral appliances to bring your child’s jaw forward.


An underbite can make your child’s chin stick out or make it look as though their jaw is too big for their face. Your child may also have an underbite if their bottom lip sticks out farther than their upper lip. Our orthodontists will be able to come up with a plan to straighten teeth and move your child’s jaw back so they can achieve a natural-looking profile.

Open Bite

Do your child’s teeth look larger than they actually are? If so, our orthodontists may diagnose them with an open bite. An open bite can also make it difficult for your child to close their mouth naturally. Your child is more at risk for an open bite if they have tongue thrust or suck their thumb.

The sooner we can treat an open bite, the better. If your child has an open bite, our orthodontists can help their jaws grow more evenly and encourage them to break bad oral habits like thumb sucking.

Alternatives to Traditional Metal Braces

Clear aligners are an alternative to traditional metal braces. Although, since aligners are removable, we only recommend them for teenagers and adults who possess the self-discipline to wear them consistently. Our orthodontists offer 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners, which are nearly invisible trays that fit tightly over your child’s teeth. Over time, these trays exert enough pressure to gently move your child’s teeth into their optimal positions.

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